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We are here to help build a memorable experience in Yellowstone country.  Call us today to design an itinerary that meets your educational needs as well as incorporates the activities known as a true Montana experience.  Use the itinerary listed below as is, or use it as a starting point to build your own adventure.

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Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Adventure

Science Teachers- Yellowstone is the premier place to study Geology, Biology, and Environmental Science. Educational opportunities are endless in and around Yellowstone National Park.  Bring your students to America’s greatest outdoor classroom to study and explore while enjoying a “true Montana western ranch“ experience at the Parade Rest Guest Ranch. .   Yellowstone National Park provides students with a unique opportunity to observe firsthand in the field natural processes and reinforces concepts from your curriculum. This adventure is loaded with activities that are truly Montana in nature, with the whole experience centered just miles from Yellowstone National Park and its science wonderland.

Day 1: Fly to Bozeman and arrive at the ranch

From the airport in Bozeman, you will take a short scenic drive south into the majestic mountains of Montana. See the beauty and power of water as you travel down the canyon following the Gallatin River. Watch for wildlife as Big Horn Sheep are often seen in the canyon, and keep an eye out for Elk, Moose, and both Black and Grizzly Bear as twenty miles of your drive is through the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park. Once at the ranch you will get a tour of the facilities and settle in to your accommodations. Relaxing and listening to Grayling Creek as you reflect on the beauty that surrounds you complete your first day.

Day 2: Horseback Rides, hiking, and mountain biking

Parade Rest Ranch will take your students back in time for a cultural experience of a true western ranch. Horseback rides for all levels of experience, winding through cottonwoods and into the towering pines. Climb through the mountains carpeted with wild flowers and breathe taking views. Visit high mountain lakes and keep an eye out for wildlife that is traveling through the Gallatin National Forest. Take in a hike on the maintained trail system, or mountain biking on these rocky mountain trails. As the sun sets and you think about another fantastic day you can sit around the camp fire and share everything with your group.

Day 3: Yellowstone National Park

Take a guided tour of Yellowstone National Park. See the sights and sounds of this great place as you spend a fun filled day inside our first National Park. Over 10,000 thermal features, with peaks over 11,000 feet, 67 species of wildlife and with 308 foot waterfalls this day will be one you will not soon forget. Steam, geysers, bubbling mud, and the largest herd of buffalo are just a few things that will grab your attention as you travel through the park. This great place has been inhabited by native people for over 11,000 years and is home to a lake with 141 miles of shoreline and a depth of 410 feet. Enjoy this day as you travel over the world’s largest volcano with between 1,000 – 3,000 earthquakes annually. The word unique does not describe what you will see and experience.

Day 4: Trail rides, ranch activities, and Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center

Today is the day for hiking in the foothills of the Gallatin Mountains, horseback riding and exploring more of the trails with your trusty horse that has now become a friend and that’s just before lunch. Each day is fun filled and adventurous, and today is no different. As morning turns to afternoon it is time to see one of the towns highlights. The Grizzly and Wolf discovery center offers a unique experience into the world of bears and wolves, in addition to seeing and learning about many birds of prey.

Day 5: Ranch activities and volunteer program

Start the day’s events by volunteering and giving back to the great place you are enjoying so much. Trail maintenance and clearing, ongoing ecological work and other programs are always needing assistance from volunteers like you. Later take it easy as you enjoy the ranch activities, hiking, biking, play volleyball, and basketball or enjoy fishing on Grayling Creek. If fly fishing is what you crave or want to learn more about, you are in the right place. With fly casting and fishing instructors present at the ranch and Grayling Creek running through the ranch you will be ready to enjoy this unique experience in no time.

Day 6: Whitewater Rafting, Zip Lines and Rodeo

Enjoy the thrills and spills of an adventurous whitewater rafting trip on the Gallatin River. Class II-III rapids rage as snow melt flows down the canyon and you enjoy a more than memorable experience. Once dried off enjoy soaring and sliding as you zip line at one of 2 unique locations. Just when you think that this day is over and could not get any better, settle in and buckle up. It’s rodeo time! You’ll enjoy watching Bareback bronc, saddle bronc, team roping, calf roping and the king of it all bull riding. Do not forget the comedy and humor of the rodeo clowns.

Day 7: Head back home

With more than a handful of memories and new experience’s, a greater knowledge of nature and Yellowstone ecosystem, and new friendships you head home. As you travel back home you think about miles of horseback riding, a late afternoon colleyball game, that first fish you caught, the adrenaline rush of the rodeo. How amazing Old Faithful was, how much wildlife you have seen, the adventures on the river in the raft or maybe getting on that zip line. For sure you will not forget it all and the biggest thing of all is that Yellowstone National Park is preserved and only Mother Nature can change what is here so you can come back and see it again in the future.